At Uptown Stories, we believe that if you can write your story, you can write the world.

Sometimes you just need a little help.

Our workshops are accessible to all children, regardless of their family’s financial means, thanks to our Pay-What-You-Can Tuition Fund. More than 80% of our families pay reduced tuition, no questions asked, and that is only possible with your support.

Please consider making a generous donation, so Uptown Stories can offer the young people of our community what they need: a place that is their own, where they can be themselves. Be part of our mission to empower students whose voices are traditionally less heard, and whose stories are less often told, to know their stories matter regardless of national origin, race, citizenship status, or economic status.

As a federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, financial contributions to Uptown Stories are 100% tax deductible.

Every child should experience the joy of writing—with no financial barriers.
Attending Kids
Pages of Student Work Published
I've met a fantastic group of people and become a much better writer. Kate and the rest of the staff are hardworking and fun to work with.



Thanks to [Uptown Stories], a passing interest has become a passion.



I would not be the writer I am today without Uptown Stories.



I feel like if I hadn't taken Girls Rising, I wouldn't have become a better writer, and I wouldn't have met some friends who have changed my life.



Uptown Stories has helped my writing in the sense that it allowed me to realize that this is my passion and that I want to pursue it as a career. It opened my eyes to the possibilities that creative writing has to offer. I think that anyone can get something out of attending Uptown Stories.



The quality of teaching is superb. The teachers have the chance to get to know each child, and due to the small class size, the feedback is very specific. Also, witnessing the other children critique the writing is remarkable - the children are kind and respectful, but very honest.



I really appreciate the fact that every every student has a voice in their class. They trust each other and they listen to each other. All of this is happening because Uptown Stories has created a community of learners where everyone learns from each other.



My daughter takes her writing seriously because Uptown Stories takes her seriously.