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Break a Leg!

In just four short weeks, we’ll become master scene writers, creating our own riveting monologues or two or three person scenes. We will find inspiration for our characters from music, current events, and even the things around us!

What the Flip Books

We’re going back to the roots of animation, using just watercolors, ink, pencils, and the magic of flip books. Then we’ll break down movements of the illustrated stories we want to tell, bringing our vibrant worlds to life in our own amazing flip books.

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Uptown Stories offers workshops for fiction writing, poetry, writing & drawing comic books, and so much more!

We empower young people to write their own stories.

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Every child should experience the joy of writing—with no financial barriers.
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Check out our beautiful anthologies, as well as our digital magazine, Uptown Ink, and other fantastic student writing projects. And yes, all our students are published authors and artists!

Uptown Ink

Discover our online magazine filled with new fiction, poetry, essays, comics, and news articles from our writers. Want to contribute? Submit your work to Uptown Ink!

Take a Look!

Students of
the Sidewalk

A project by the students of Columbia Secondary School, full of articles that inform, inspire, and make you laugh.

Take a Look!

Untold Uptown

A joint collective of youth in NYC who are using their voices to empower and take on different issues prominent throughout the city.

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Meet Our Teachers!

Master teachers and artists are at the core of Uptown Stories. Learn about who they are, and what they love!

Stacy Davidowitz

Fun Facts About Me!

Stacy once sang the National Anthem solo for a NY Jets game! She was 16 at the time.

Dorkys Ramos

Fun Facts About Me!

When she's not at US, Dorkys spends her time painting and illustrating!

Dave Roman

Fun Facts About Me!

Dave is a former editor at Nickelodeon Magazine, current editor for First Second’s Science Comics and History Comics series...and he loves waffles!

Alejandra Ramos Riera

Fun Facts About Me!

Alejandra achieved a 2021 Emmy nod for Voice Over Actress in La Cucarachita Martina’s Musical Adventure!

Nicholas Forker

Fun Facts About Me!

Nicholas worked as a production specialist in Takashi Murakami and Frederico Solmi’s studios!

Luis Rivera Figueroa

Fun Facts About Me!

Luis’ first job was at Cold Stone Creamery where he performed mini ice cream ball juggling shows while preparing orders!

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