Introducing the Uptown Stories Small Job Squad.

As a young nonprofit, with a tiny (albeit mighty) staff, we genuinely need volunteer help. However, we know how uncomfortable it is to commit to an open-ended, vague project. So we’ve come up with a bunch of discrete, but essential ways you can volunteer to help. Some of these jobs are completable, and others are on-going, but in either case we ask that you commit to your small job for at least three months. Thanks to your support, we’ll be able to reach more young people uptown and help them discover their inner voices in a diverse community of writers.

Scroll through the current volunteer opportunities to see if there’s a job that’s right for you! Clicking any tile will redirect you to our sign-up form. We look forward to hearing from you!



We’ve come to realize Amy is short for master editor, organizer and all things anthology-related.

Amy Onorato

Amy Onorato is a journalist and digital media professional living in New York City. When she’s not writing, you can typically find her exploring somewhere or something new — whether its outside on a trail, on the streets of the city, or curled up with her cat with her nose in a book.


Aaron makes quick work of readying our anthologies for print. Not an i remains undotted, nor a t uncrossed.

Aaron Perez

Aaron is a Junior in St. John’s University majoring in English, minoring in Music. He has a strong passion for the arts and any creative means of self-expression. Despite his reluctance to read poetry when he was younger, Aaron now spends much of his time diving into the works of various poets and scribbling down my own lines of verse. When not writing poetry or worldbuilding for his next fantasy story, Aaron spends time playing guitar, doing pyrography, drawing, and learning any other artistic medium that sparks his interest.


With just a few keystrokes, Stephanie makes WordPress kneel before her and bend to all our coding wishes.

Stephanie O’Hanley

Stephanie is honored to be of service to Uptown Stories and for this opportunity to blend a longtime love of WordPress with new web development skills. She lives near Montreal. You’ll find her at stephanieohanley.com

Ideal Intern

Armed with his words and computer, Jack appears to be a modern day knight built for Uptown Stories.

Jack Chen

Jack is currently a student at Vassar College majoring in Economics and (potentially) minoring in Chinese. He enjoys immersing himself in a good book, watching Netflix in bed, going on long walks around his neighborhood, and *attempting* to cook (otherwise known as attempting to not burn down the kitchen 😅).

Ideal Intern

No job is too little or too big for Daniel – he just dons his red cape and leaps all the buildings we put in front of him.

Daniel Ortega-Venni

Daniel just graduated from Columbia University, double majoring in Computer Science-Mathematics and Creative Writing. He has volunteered with Uptown Stories for several years and is now interning. He can usually be found listening to music, playing sims or getting way too invested in a new show.

Researcher of Fun Facts

Frances is going the extra mile to help us collect data for the many grants that make Uptown Stories possible.

Frances VanderMeer

Frances is an upstate-New York native, currently working as a Management Consultant out of Washington DC. She is a 2020 graduate of Middlebury College with a degree in International Politics & Economics and French. Her love for writing, storytelling, and kids brought her to Uptown Stories, and in her spare time you can find her baking, reading, or sailing.

Social Media Savant

Alice is all in on everything she does. She’s making big things happen in our online communities.

Alice Dauchez

Alice Dauchez is a sophomore at Wesleyan University where she is majoring in English. When she’s not volunteering, you can find her devouring books, watching cooking/drag competitions and attempting to do yoga.

Uptown Ink Assistant

Heather is making light work of Uptown Ink, helping it ready for launch in all its glory this summer.

Heather Domenicis

Heather is Washington Heights based writer moonlighting at a tech startup. When she’s not working, writing, or volunteering, she’s probably reading or walking her dog around the neighborhood.


We’re grateful to Laura for using her extraordinary skills and extra time to help us with our site.

Laura Ho

Laura is grateful to be able to combine her passions for WordPress and event production as a WordPress developer for Elevation 3D and Melange Media. She can be found at lauraho.net

Worker Bee

Threna makes numbers and data fall in line, helping us see how much we’re growing semester by semester.

Threna Baishnab

Threna is a junior at Hunter College majoring in mathematics and minoring in psychology. She’s always a had interest in the STEM field but also loves working with kids! In her free time she likes to listen to music and spend time with my family and friends.

Workshop Wizard

As a Workshop Wizard, Coy provides extra support to instructors in our creative writing workshops.

Coy Jacobs

Coy Jacobs is an Illustration Junior at Parsons and is happy to be volunteering at Uptown stories. He is interested in animal rights and rescue, has seven rescue chickens. Coy is going to be a professional artist in the near future and we can say we knew him when.

Workshop Wizard

As a Workshop Wizard, Franzi provides extra support to instructors in our creative writing workshops.

Franzi Nace

Franzi is fiction writer from Pittsburgh, PA. Currently, she is a junior at Columbia University studying English and concentrating in Russian Literature. Franzi loves magical tales, going for extremely long walks, and breakfast sandwiches.

Join us

Adwords Authority

If the mysteries of AdWords are second nature to you, keep reading. Google gives us $10K in Google Ads each month – and we need help using that opportunity to spread the good word about Uptown Stories.


Your Name here


The Anthologester helps edit and lay out the print anthology published at the conclusion of each semester.


Your Name here

D.O.E. Diplomat

Help us communicate with your school’s administration, literacy teachers, PTA, and parent community.


Your Name here

Essay Writing Tutor

If you’re a writer, an editor, or teacher who would like to use your talents for good, this is your chance to help shape the future! We’ll be assisting students with their high school essays, giving them the best chance to go to the high school of their choice.


Your Name here

Granter of Wishes

Help us secure funding by writing one grant proposal. We’ll familiarize you with our programs, goals and financial needs and assign you a grant. You’ll compile the information, compose, and together we’ll hit send on a proposal.


Your Name here

Ideal Intern

Interns are knights in shining armor: dedicated to the details, willing to conquer every task, and dependable throughout the semester. If you’re eager to learn the skills to own whatever life throws your way, come be a part of the inner workings of Uptown Stories.

angel fish

Your Name here

Photo Phenom

Our young writers are picture perfect, and we have a bizillion photos to prove it. We need someone to help us create an official, searchable library. If you’re organized, consistent, and can think – forgive the pun – big picture as well as in thumbnail detail, you’re the librarian we’re looking for.


Your Name here

Press Liaison

Communicate with local media and develop relationships, spreading the word about our pay-what-you-can program. Skills: excellent telephone and email etiquette, experience writing effective press releases.


Your Name here

Researcher of Fun Facts

Let’s get meta – help us find research about the positive impact of writing (especially creative writing), youth development, stats about our neighborhood, and other fun facts that support the Uptown Stories mission.


Your Name here

Scholastic Scholar

If you understand the fine details of the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards (or are willing to learn them) our writers could use your help navigating the waters.


Your Name here

Social Media Savant

Use your magic to help us find interesting content to share with our Uptown family on Facebook and Instagram. Info on publishing opportunities, writing and art, and book recommendations are top on our list, but we’re open to suggestions. If you think you can help us grow our following, let us know.


Your Name here

Uptown Ink Assistant

Uptown Ink is our online magazine that showcases essays, poems and comics from our posse of young writers and artists. If you have the desire to support the posse with your editing skills or WordPress experience, we could definitely use your assistance.


Your Name here

Volunteer Sleuth

The backbone of Uptown Stories is our mighty Small Job Squad – volunteers who know how to get things done. We’re in need of a Sleuth who can find the greatest volunteers in all the land who are willing to help get a variety of jobs done, supporting the mission of Uptown Stories.


Your Name here

Worker Bee

If you like crossing off things on your to-do list, and have a few hours to give during the week, we have a multitude of small but important tasks that need to be taken care of.


Your Name here

Workshop Wizard

Workshop wizards provide extra support to instructors in our writing workshops. Duties can include taking attendance, helping students one-on-one or in small groups with their writing, and assisting with the preparation of the end of semester readings and anthology.


Your Name here

Zapier Specialist

As a Zapier specialist, you’ll be able to help make our systems run as Zapier intended them to – with efficiency! We’re a tiny organization so every Zap created means more time with our young writers.

billy goat

Your Name here


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